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Terms and Conditions

This document regulates the access and use conditions of content, services and available resources at  www.shyla.com  Access or use of any kind of resources of any of the websites of  www.shyla.com is absolutally voluntary and grants the status of user,  no matter the means of technology used and  implies the acceptance by the user without any type of reserve or condition, in all and every of the following conditions:


www.shyla.com  does not gurantee the continuity in texts, images, pages, apps or actual resources of its web site.  www.shyla.com keeps the right to widen,  modify supress or modify access conditions of them at any moment it considers appropiate without prior notice. Users who visit the website  www.shyla.com and/or use resources do it under his/her own liability and could not ask for any kind of compensation for any alteration, modification, temporary interuption or cancelation of these services or their access conditions.


The website  www.shyla.com include links, comments or references  about other  « web sites»  that are not controlled by  www.shyla.com and are physically hosted in  servers different to www.shyla.com, hence, does not accept any liability for damages or harm of any kind derived from the access to these pages or their content.


The  « web sites» that want to, can include links or hyperlinks that connect or transfer to the pages of  www.shyla.com as long as they refrain from making any manifestation, content inclution or provision of services in their pages either lawful or unlawful that may involve damages to  The image of  www.originalesshyla.com or third parties, specially related to erotic, pornographic or gambling content.


www.shyla.com  includes advertising in its pages. As mere intermediary www.shyla.com  cannot be hold liable for the the content or lawfulness or compliance of such operations or juditial bussiness that user carries out with the advertising which  the advertiser whose add eventually can be hosted or included in the pages.


www.shyla.com reserves the right to modify unilaterally these clauses, any time without prior notification, to adapt them to the legislative or jurisprudential updates. In any event, changes made and when they get in force, can be  read at: www.shyla.com


Users visiting www.shyla.com commit themselves to use  «web site»  according to the stipulations contained herein as well as use them for lawfull purposes and are personally liable for any infringement devired from their acts, as well as the damages of any nature produced for their misuse.


Data provided by users should be true and correct. User is the only accountable party of the falsehood or innaquracy of such provided  information that may cause damages  to  www.shyla.com. www.shyla.com will  handle data provided for the registration to this website in an anonimous and confidential manner.


Users agrees that by using   www.shyla.com website is done under his/her own risk, products and services herein presented and offered are anticipated under a  «such as» and  «if vialable» base.  www.shyla.com does not guarantee that the mentioned pages can meet the user´s requirements or that the services that they offer cannot experiment interuptions, be safe or error free.