About magic

SHYLA is a brand that was born in the year 1967, in which it makes itself known in the market with economic articles of very high quality and duration, achieving a successful acceptance surpassing all our expectations, which allowed us a growth that forced us to change our facilities. In 1972, already in the new facilities we perfected the cut of the pants and became leaders in the market with the flared pants which gave us the prestige that we enjoy to this day. Since those dates we are leaders and pioneers of uniforms in Mexico, we are able to produce uniforms according to the needs of companies, from one garment to the amount that is required with the same quality and customization, because to make a company uniform is necessary to give also the article, value and presence. We are a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and commercialization of coats.

More than 40 years of experience support us as a company that uses materials and technology of the highest quality in fabrics, color fastness and durability of materials, as well as the care and detail of the finishes. We are convinced that we are the best option to start or develop your business as a distributor of coats. Therefore, we offer you a catalog with avant-garde designs of the highest quality always thought for the most demanding tastes according to the needs and requirements of the market. In addition, we offer you different options where you can contact us in case you have any questions or concerns. 

At Shyla, we offer 100% Mexican products. Our coats are made of virgin wool of the highest quality, as we are always looking for the satisfaction of our customers. 

Shyla offers you coats of the highest quality, since our garments are made with the highest quality materials, as is the case of the wool we use for the production of our coats, of which we are undisputed quality leaders in the market.