Attribute guide


The material of our coats is pure virgin wool, which goes through special processes such as raising and shaving before making the garment, which gives us: comfort, lightness and most importantly, good quality. 


Materials with the highest quality standards in the textile market are imported. The quilted fabric is a 100% polyester blend sewn with Fiber or wadding.

It has honeycomb stitching, in different designs. The basic ones such as small rhombus, large rhombus, diamonds and stripes. There are also non-symmetrical designs that play with sizes and shapes to keep us at the forefront of trends and fashion.

The entire collection features the brand's logo or isotype on its clasps and closures.

The quality and details of a Shyla jacket take care of the feminine silhouette, including soft and easy-care materials.

Let the Shyla Jackets Collection be part of your magic.


The material of our raincoats has several compositions, some are 100% polyester, others are cotton / polyester - elastane but all with water repellency, this is generated by a chemical coating that is applied to the fabric since its manufacture and makes the water slip without being absorbed.

The colors of our collection can be plain or printed, bright, bold or conservative, long or short, with buttons or zipper, you decide it depends entirely on your style, it is a mid-season garment so you can use it all year round.

The textures are light and soft, the linings we use in the collection are unique prints that we design according to the colors of the season.

The snaps, closures and branding give it that touch of exclusivity that makes us authentic.


The new member of the Shyla family is the TECNO SUEDE... This material is a 95% polyamide and 5% elastane fabric, the polyamide is the thread that makes the fabric have a very soft touch with a peachy look and the elastane gives it that stretch that makes us feel so comfortable.

They are unstructured garments, without lining and with modern stitching on the outside, the finishes on cuffs and hems are in dirty or raw edge as it is known that give it a modern and very casual look.

It is a very versatile garment, it does not wrinkle easily and you can wear it all year round, since you decide if you want it for winter combining it with a sweater, jeans and boots or more for summer with a dress or a skirt.

What is the raising and shaving process?
Also known as carding, it is the process in which the hair or fibers of the fabrics are lifted, forming a more or less dense and long layer on the surface that will later be shaved to avoid the famous and unpleasant pilling. This process guarantees the quality we have been offering our customers for more than 25 years. Learn more about it and we invite you to click on the following links: